Plastics Recycling

Plastics Recycling Services

The ERS plastics recycling team brokers your plastic waste or processes it for reuse. Most plastic manufacturer’s generate large volumes of recyclables such as Polyolefin, LDPE, LLDPE,HDPE, and PETE. Proprietary materials are ground to a flake size regrind and can be reprocessed for end users. Regrind is then sold to plastic manufacturers that make several different types of components including auto parts and paint containers.

Our plant is equipped with a plastics processing system which creates ‘regrind’ from ridged polymer byproduct.  Large, loose waste is first conveyed through a Pre-Shredder where it is reduced to 1” pieces.  It is then conveyed through a Granulator that reduces it to standard 3/8 inch ‘flake’, a size used by most plastic converters.

We also bale and broker soft ‘film’ polymer for reuse in manufacturing processes. Used stretch film from distribution warehouses, shredded film packing material and quantities of soft plastic bags are all waste products ERS recycles

Toll Grinding: Eastern Recycling Services offers plastics convertors the service of grinding their waste at our plant enabling them to re-use their own waste.

“I didn’t realize how valuable our used plastic film was until ERS reviewed our process and put together a proposal. And to think we were paying the dump to take it!”