Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling Services

Whether your company is small or large, the ERS team can offer guidance in seamless collection and shipping of your material. For many small to mid-size companies, we gain greater value for your waste through our two-tier baling system of on-site and plant-site baling. On-site balers improve your space needs and ease removal. Small grocery chains, for instance, with limited floor space install our small balers for constant compaction of shipping cartons.

Once the small bales are created, ERS picks up the bales and transports them to the Baltimore plant where they are re-baled for shipment to domestic mills or overseas. In some cases, material can be sorted to improve the grade and increase the value for the client.

Paper Brokerage: For large producers, we offer our Paper Brokerage business to move your truckload material to the best possible end user.  The ERS team has been in the paper brokerage business for over 30 years and has compiled a paper industry Rolodex like no other.  From major paper convertors to paper mills to packaging manufacturers – we stay on top of every aspect of the paper industry in America and a number of critical countries overseas.   Our team of paper experts monitors pricing trends and industry indicators daily, analyzing the market to gain the best return for our clients.

We recycle the waste paper from convertors nationwide finding the appropriate end user match to maintain continuity of movement and return. Regardless of your location or your grade of fiber waste, ERS will find an outlet for your material. Roll stock, OCC, DLK…we can move it off your floor.

Our new in-plant baling system has the capacity to bale 1200 tons of paper per week…ensuring timely removal from your site.

“One thing I like about our ERS reps… I can pick up the phone and call anytime and know that someone will answer or get back to me quickly. You don’t find that much anymore.”