About Us

About ERS

The owners of ERS were involved in waste paper recycling as far back as the early seventies.  In 1994, they established Fibre Marketing Group, primarily a brokerage firm but it quickly began warehousing paper and diversifying into plastics recycling.

2017 Marks the 10th Anniversary of the start of Eastern Recycling Services with the acquisition of a warehousing and processing plant in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  Since then, ERS has greatly expanded its plastics and paper processing capabilities to become a leader in the mid-Atlantic region.  On the brokerage side, ERS remains one of the larger national movers and international exporters of industrial waste paper.

ERS serves clients throughout the US and Canada

ERS serves clients throughout the US and Canada

“We’ve been using the ERS Team to handle our waste material removal for over 6 years. They’ve consistently provided on-time service and competitive pricing year after year.”