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Eastern Recycling Services Helps Maximize the Value of Paper and
Plastic Waste By-Products

Now, more than ever, it is critical for companies to maximize the income they can create not only from their primary products, but also from their manufacturing by-products. In an ever changing market for paper and plastics, the experience and expertise of the team at Eastern Recycling Services can ensure that your paper and plastic waste generates more dollars to your bottom line.

Corrugated box and plastic container manufacturers, grocery store chains, distribution warehouses, major printers, and book publishers are just some of the types of businesses whose waste we recycle by selling it to re-users such as paper mills and plastics converters. From the logistics of transportation through the installation of state-of-the art baling equipment, ERS provides every aspect of by-product management so that your business operates seamlessly in recovery and movement.


Eastern Recycling Services, LLC was established in 2007 through the acquisition of Westreet Industries, which was founded in 1977 in Baltimore, Maryland. Two principles of ERS, Chris Mehiel, Sr. and Cliff Burkhardt, have been working in and around the paper business for over 30 years.

More recently, Christopher Mehiel, Manager of Operations, and Tom Clark, Sourcing Manager have taken larger roles in the company as it has expanded in size and service offerings.

Currently, the ERS brokerage business is managed through the Stuart, FL offices and all direct paper and plastic recycling services are offered through the Baltimore, MD plant.


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